About Us

The former Martial Cottle Family Ranch is now Santa Clara County’s newest urban park and working farm. Producing flavorful, local, organic crops, Martial Cottle is a showcase for the latest in sustainable farming techniques and water conservation. The County Parks department, in partnership with Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo has embarked on an ambitious program to create a robust organic farming operation dedicated to producing fruits and vegetables that go directly from “field to fork.”

Jacobs Farm at Martial Cottle will also be a center for innovation and learning about organic farming, conservation, and food production. Visit www.jacobsfarmcalifornia.com to learn more about upcoming events and the latest season’s offerings at the JF Martial Cottle Farm Stand.



Innovation and Sustainability

Every year the park will come alive in the spring and summer with the vibrant colors of wild flowers and the sweet flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables. All of this comes with an emphasis on organic farming incorporating the latest in water conservation techniques and ongoing community education.

Organic farming is about working with nature, rather than against it. As organic farmers, we enhance nature’s network of interlocking systems. Among our tools are flowers that atttract beneficial insects and create a vibrant habitat for many different pollinators. We wecome the butterflies and bees! We build the soils with natural inputs like compost, cover crops, worms, and healthy fungi. Our rich soils encourage strong root growth, which leads to healthy plants. These healthy plans produce healthy fruit and abundant flavors.

Water conservation, along with scarce land and labor, are the three most difficult issues facing farmers today. In the farming industry tough times drive the need for innovation. Now Martial Cottle Park becomes the showcase for that innovation. Beginning next summer, Jacobs Farm will be “Dry Farming” Heirloom and Early Girl tomatoes. The rich, water-retaining soil at the park is perfect for dry-farming, which uses a small amount of water to get the plants started, and then very little once they are established. In addition to conserving water, the practice of dry farming produces exceptional tomatoes with irresistible, concentrated flavors. Once you’ve eaten dry-farmed, it’s hard to go back. Everyone is sad when the season is over!

What we grow at Martial Cottle

Our crops are tailored to the farm’s climate and location: The Valley of the Heart’s Delight. The area’s interesting and dynamic climate supports a variety of  crops throughout the year.

In addition to organic dry-farmed Heirloom and Early Girl tomatoes, Jacobs Farm will grow organic melons, strawberries, stone fruit, summer and winter squash, corn, pumpkins, culinary herbs and fresh cut flowers. Many of the flowers are considered the organic farmers’ best friends because they encourage the beneficial activities of insects and butterflies.